These four pillers are my guiding philosophies in life and are what I strive to optimize every day.
Born and raised in Turkey, developed in Malta, unleashed in the United States of America: Follow My Adventure!

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 entrepreneurial venture creting the business to order drinks form a smartphone

Founder and CEO of Flow

I have founded Flow, a start-up revolutionizing the drink ordering process at nightclubs and bars in Malta. I have carried out intensive market research, refined and developed the product, pitched and secured 4 investors, lead the website and UI/UX design, closed negotiations with bars, won a start-up competition "Million DOllar Idea" to bring Flow to life. I have done this on top of my full time education at UCLA and my 9pm - 5am night job which I started to raise necessary capital for FLow

Director of Business Development @Carisma Spa

Promoted as the youngest international director of the firm, I have restructured their entire marketing strategy including designing the new website, developing new lead generation strategies, optimizing their digital and physical marketing strategies all leading to doubling their online sales in just 3 months and winning the distinguished honour of World Luxury Spa Awards in 2016


Currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Economics at UCLA and have a Specialization Ceritificate from MIT in Entrepreneurship. I am a public speaker at seminars in highschools carried out weekly on topics of finance, business and entrepreneurship. I have been through the bVentures start-up accelerator, actievly participate in the Undergraduate Business Society, and am a member of Bruin entrepreneurs. I also work a part-time job as an Access Control from 9pm to 5 am.

Founder and Operations Manager of NutriTree

As my first ever shot at entrepreneurship, NutriTree allowed me to apply my research and business knowledge in the real world. My team and I have been able to grow the company be the most profitable start-up in the whole national startup competition. Recognized for my work in this start up and exams in Entrepreneurs Skills Pass exam, I have won a full expense paid scholarship to participate, as the youngest winner, in an international business opportunity.

"Passion Persists Where Motivation Doesn't Exist" ~ 08/05/2017

I love the thrill of pushing my boundries. I am focused on my craft but excited to explore other playing fields.

Here are some fun facts...

  • I have been to 35 Countries

    Through out these past 19 years, I have been to over 35 countries accompanying my parents through out business travels and adventures.

  • Designed 3 websites

    I have designed 3 websites and the UI/UX of a mobile app. I have been to numerous hackathons and innovation sessions.

  • Debating & Public speaking

    I have achieved finals rankings in national public spekaing and debating competitions. I must say, I love talking.

  • 3 Languages

    I am fluent in both Turkish as well as English (I hope this one is evident by now) and I have limited proficency in German.

  • I love people

    I am extroverted, positive and carefree. I try to bring this positive influence with me everywhere I go.

  • Accomplishments

    I have numerous Diplomas including 42 points on the IB diploma, 94% overall on ECDL, 32 points on the ACT, among others.

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